Locums & salaried GP’s

Setting up as a locum is the first experience of self-employment for many doctors.

Our dedicated team can guide you step by step through the process, help you to choose the right business structure and put systems in place.

We work with locums and salaried GPs from the very start of their career, providing accounting, tax and pensions advice. We also review contracts and help to inform their decisions as they progress along their chosen path.

Business structure

Locums can choose to operate as a sole trader, through a Limited Company, through a locum agency or as part of a chambers. There are pros and cons to each and the choice will often depend on your own personal circumstances and preferences. We can advise on the options and help you put the appropriate structures in place.

Tax law is changing around the use of Personal Service Companies in the Public Sector and we can guide locums through any changes they needs to make as and when legislation is updated.

Accounting and Tax

We will complete your annual accounts to ensure you are submitting the right information, and advise on expenses and tax.


Pensions are a complex area for GPs and locums and one which requires expert advice. We can help to set up your pension arrangements, ensure you are complying with all regulations and keep you abreast of changes in the rules. For salaried GPs, we will complete the type 2 practitioner forms on your behalf.

Career changes

Locums and salaried GPs considering partnerships should always have the finances of the prospective practice independently reviewed in advance of their appointment. We will carry out an appraisal of its performance and outline the questions that you need to ask to make an informed decision.


Our team lecture at a number of courses for GP’s in training at the FY or ST level throughout the North West as part of our support package for GP’s in the early stages of their career. We can provide support and training to organisations which require assistance.

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