GP practices

The complex regulations facing GP practices and the changing nature of the NHS landscape demand accountants with a specialist knowledge of the sector.

Hall Liddy is one of the leading independent UK accountancy firms for the GP profession, acting for around 240 medical practices from single handers to large multi-discipline partnerships and comprising a mix of GMS, PMS and APMS providers.

We have clients throughout England and North Wales.

We can help ensure that you have effective financial management in place and that you are meeting reporting deadlines and complying with the relevant tax and pension rules.

However we can also play a more strategic role in your success, by finding ways to improve your financial performance and advising on structural changes to help secure the future of your practice.

Through our connections with other medical sector professionals in law, banking, financial services and property, we can provide multi-disciplinary solutions to even the most complex issues.

Accounting and financial appraisal

In addition to the completion of annual accounts, we provide support to Practice Managers and advice on using the IRIS, Quickbooks and Sage accounting packages. Using statistical analysis and our own knowledge of current trends, we will also appraise the performance of your practice and benchmark against others to identify areas for improvement.


Our expert team will ensure you are compliant with tax rules, submitting returns on time and paying tax correctly. We also provide tax forecasts to help you plan cashflow and tax planning advice to minimise your liabilities.


GP pensions have become a hugely complex area and one that is subject to ongoing changes. Our team of experts review the situation on an ongoing basis and ensure that clients are kept informed of their options and obligations. We can advise on pension forecasts and guide you through the complicated tax rules around annual allowances and lifetime liabilities. We help clients to complete the annual certificate of pensionable income and work with the relevant organisations to ensure it is processed as efficiently as possible. Our aim is to help you plan for the future in the most effective manner.

Partnership agreements

We work with lawyers to review partnership agreements to ensure the terms and conditions are compliant with best accounting treatment and in line with NHS regulations. We can also advise on planning for change within partnership structures when someone leaves.

GP mergers and transformational change

Given the pressure on general practices, many GPs are considering becoming part of a larger group – whether that is a partnership, federation or other structure. We can assess your options and carry out an independent appraisal to provide you with a more objective basis for decision making. Find out more about our services for GP federations and how we can help practices seeking to make a transformational change.


‘We’d never used a medical accounting specialist before Hall Liddy. Suddenly all the financial information made a lot more sense. They benchmark our practice against others so we can quickly see any areas where we are slipping, and get a good sense of how we are performing. They also give us a heads up on changes coming up in the NHS or the world of GP practice that might affect us. This type of information is a really valuable resource. We can’t recommend them highly enough.’

Dr Andrew Parsons, Kilmeny Practice, Keighley

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