GP federations

With growing pressure on GP practices to deliver services, and clinical commissioning groups encouraging greater collaboration, many GPs are considering how best to adapt to the changing NHS landscape.

GP federations allow practices within an area to work together to achieve benefits of scale and bid for larger contracts.

They can help to relieve the demands on individual practices by sharing responsibility and expertise, and improve efficiency through reduced administrative costs and greater buying power.

For many practices, federations offer a way to retain their position as key players in local primary care, and safeguard their financial sustainability.

However GPs considering this type of transformational change need to be sure that the new entities are set up in the right way to allow them to achieve their objectives.

Federations can be structured as a limited company, a company limited by guarantee, a limited liability partnership or a social enterprise.

Each has different implications in terms of the ability to extract profits, taxation, and GPs’ liabilities. Other considerations include the impact on staff employment and NHS pensions and the type of NHS contracts you aim to apply for.

As members of AISMA, we are at the forefront in advising practices considering structural change, including setting up GP federations.

Working with lawyers and tax specialists, we can take account of your individual circumstances, guide you through the different options and carry out an independent appraisal to provide you with a more objective basis for decision making.

Further information

Find out more in the AISMA Guide to GP Federations or call us on 0161 832 7571 for a free initial discussion.


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